English-Speaking Cultures
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Im Wintersemester 2020/21 können alle Module und damit alle Studiengänge des Fachbereichs 10 online und digital studiert werden. Einzelne Veranstaltungen und Veranstaltungssequenzen finden mit den üblichen Abständen und Hygieneregeln auch in Präsenz statt, etwa Foschungsseminare, (spachpraktische) Übungen oder Tutorien. Details zu allen Lehrveranstaltungen finden Sie in den Veranstaltungsprogrammen der Studiengänge und in Stud.IP.

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English-Speaking Cultures – Literatures in English


Welcome to the web pages of Literatures in English at the University of Bremen!

The subject of Literatures in English is concerned with the study and exploration of literature, and with theoretical approaches to texts as cultural and aesthetic phenomena. By critically engaging with literary texts with regard to genre (poetry, drama, prose) and literary history (different periods and different national contexts), students develop the interpretative and methodological skills necessary to analyse literary texts in systematic ways. Our courses address the varying significance of literatures and media in changing historical contexts, which includes the scholarly engagement with the imperial past and the postcolonial present of the English-speaking world. In addition to attending lectures and seminars, students have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other students and to hone their practical communicative skills during educational exchanges with partnership universities. Our department’s extracurricular activities include excursions, regular film events, a book club and as well as theatre projects in English.

Extended Reading List (B.A. E-SC | M. Ed.) [http://dgfs2019.uni-bremen.de/anglistik/literaturwissenschaft/pdf/ExtendedReadingList.pdf]

Please be aware that this catalogue of literary texts lists a selection of works, intended to support students in our course programmes in the process of negotiating the immense literary contributions in English across the centuries. Please do not perceive this collection as complete and/or canonical.