M.A. English-Speaking Cultures: Language, Text, Media

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IllustrationThis M.A. programme is targeted at students with a background in English Studies, North American Studies, Linguistics (with English Linguistics as the main component), Comparative Studies (with a focus on English Linguistics or Literatures and Cultures in English), or related subjects. Courses are offered in English only. Students have the possibility of extending their previous studies within a highly flexible, research-based, and structured curriculum. Students may select their own specialization by concentrating on one of three profile areas:

  1. British, North American and Postcolonial Literatures;
  2. Linguistics: Varieties, Medialities and Applications (ranging over language variation and innovation, contact linguistics, multimodal linguistics, trans-, multi- and intermediality studies, as well as dynamic assessment and language testing); and
  3. British, North American and Postcolonial Cultural History.

In addition, students are given specific training in advanced communication focusing on the use of English in the professional world, ranging over investigation, presentation and negotiation skills.