Veranstaltungskalender des Fachbereich 10

Ringvorlesungen, Kolloquien und Vortragsreihen

24. April – 9. Juli 2019, dienstags, 16:15–17:45 | GW1, A0.160

Vortragsreihe:  Bremer Institut für transmediale Textualitätsforschung (BITT)

Apps, Arguments, Architecture – Current Trends in Multimodal Linguistics and Media Studies

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This lecture series gives an overview of current research trends in the areas of multimodal linguistics and media studies, focusing on recent advancements in the application of linguistic (and other) frameworks to a variety of artifacts and performances. Presentations from international guest researchers will discuss various communicative situations in our daily lives, resulting from the use of social media, films, comics, or gaming applications, challenged by fake news and global Trumpism, or influenced by architecture, design and spatial environments around us.