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On these pages you can find information about the Malta Centre at the University of Bremen. As a newly founded institute the Malta Centre is fully committed to the Maltese language. The Centre wants to serve as a general information hub for all scholars interested in Maltese.

One of the most important tasks of the Centre will be to establish Maltese Linguistics as an independent scholarly discipline on an international level. Besides the integration of Maltese into the teaching curriculum at the University of Bremen, the Malta Centre aims to provide useful resources which will be made available to all linguists working on Maltese.

Our current projects are: A typological database for Maltese, a bibliography of Maltese Linguistics and a pilot project on the description of Maltese dialects.

The Maltese Library, which is also situated in the Malta Centre, contains over 600 books in Maltese, encompassing literary works, school books, non-fiction and linguistic publications.

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